ColorLite sph870/900 for measuring foils and plastic sheets

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Portable Spectrophotometer

ColorLite sph870/ sph900

Best spectrophotometer with accessories for transmission measurement

Suitable for measuring the following samples:

  •     Plastic films and sheets with different thickness
  •     Various plastic parts
  •     Glass

Transparent samples are measured in transmission mode. The sample is positioned between the light source with diffused illumination and the probe head as a receiver, so that the transmitted light is measured.

The transmission spectrum range is between 400 and 700 nm. Opacity, CIE L * a * b * values, density values ​​or white/ yellow index can be measured.



The ColorLite spectrophotometer sph900 has a trend-setting O-LED colour display and an intelligent interface that automatically detects connected accessories. This makes the measuring system very flexible and suitable for a large number of measuring applications. By using the integrating sphere adapter MA35 it is possible to measure both standard measuring geometries – 45°/0° and d/8° – with only one spectrophotometer. The sph900 spectrophotometer was developed by using only high quality components and complies with all current ASTM and DIN standards.


  • Colour measurement and registration of goods intake and goods output according to DIN EN ISO 9000 standard
  • Objective quality control of colours within a production
  • Colour difference measurement to reference colours stored on the device

The delivery includes

  • Certified white standard PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)
  • Aluminium case with foam padding
  • USB interface cable
  • Temperature controlled battery charger
  • User manual
Measurement Geometry45°/0° (area 3,5 mm) - or d/8° version -
according to DIN 5033
Optional: 45°/0° AND d/8° with
MA35-UK Adapter
or d/0° with MA38-Adapter
IlluminantsD65, D55, D50, A, C, F11
Standard Observer2° and 10°
Colour ScalesXYZ, Yxy, ΔE CIE L*a*b*, L*u*v*, L*C*h, Hunter Lab
Remission Spectrum with cursor displaying wavelength and % CIE-L*a*b* Diagram incl. tolerance limits
Quality Control
Tolerance Limits and Colour Differences
ΔE CIELab; ΔL, Δa, Δb; ΔL, Δu, Δv; ΔL, ΔC, Δh;
Min/Max, PASS/FAIL, ΔECMC (1:1 und 1:2), CIE ΔE94,
ΔE2000, dynamic index
Metameric-Index for D65/A and D65/F11 according to DIN 6172
Other ValuesContrast: LRV (Light Reflectance Value) according to BS 8493:2008,
Various White-Index values
Various Yellowness-Index values
Hazen/APHA; JOD - (CA10-LS Adapter needed)
Spectral Light Source Measurement Spectra and chromaticity measurement of light sources such as LED´s - optional
Sample Photos350 Colour photos to visualise scanning area
Dimension: 160 x 120 Pixel
Spectral Range/ Wavelength400 nm to 700 nm
Spectral Resolution Holographic grating-Spectrometer
FWHM @500 nm < 10 nm
Scanning in 3,5 nm intervals
Resolution: 115 x 16-Bit per scan
DisplayHigh resolution O-LED colour display: High contrast and
low-Power 1/4-VGA, 320 x 240 Pixel
Repeatability< 0,03 ΔE CIELab
Light Source White and blue LED´s
Life span > 20 years
Automatic Accessory Recognition An accessory is detected and device settings automatically modified accordingly
Ambient temperature
15 °C to 45 °C
Relative humiditymax. 85% not-condensing

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d/8° probe head – the sphere geometry

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CA10-UK Holder for measuring in the transmission mode (foil, plastic sheets)

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The perfect light source – LED’s

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High contrast colour O-LED display

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User friendly

Only 4 Main levels: Measure – Calibrate – Settings – Memory Simple 4 button control. Real photos explaining things step-by-step, for example the calibration routines.

1000 standard colours in 5 folders and 3 ways of finding them

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FAST – 32-Bit ARM RISC processor

The central automated processing unit of the ColorLite spectrophotometer sph900 is a high performance 32-Bit RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor. This enables a single scanning time of less than one second. Which means the overall time ne…

AAD – automatic accessory detection

The external probe head can be attached to a variety of accessories for measuring different types of samples. The spectrophotometer sph900 AAD automated changes internal settings depending on what accessory is attached.