Portable handheld Spectrophotometer

Mobile with maximum precision and unique user-friendliness.
Our product portfolio offers solutions for a variety of applications.


Best accuracy and stability for colour measurement.
High end devices for reflection and transmission measurement.

Inline-Colour Measurement

Colour monitoring directly in production.
Save time and money with our ColorLite sph9i.

Densitometer sd350

Perfect measurement of density.
The market leader for highest accuracy and precision!
Meets high precision standards of the automotive industry.

ColorLite – Your specialist for colour measurement technology

The human visual colour perception is very subjective and not a reliable measurement method.
With ColorLite solutions, colours can be precisely and accurately measured.

New Products & News

Abbildung pce system ipm K Messe 2019

Industrial/Online Colour Measurement

Non-contact spectral online colour measurement in real time.

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Spektralphotometer für die Farbmessung von Granulat

Spectrophotometer sph ipm

Non-contact spectral online colour measurement in real time.

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Info Centre colour measurement

Farbmessgerät Pulver

Color bases & color perception

A constant appearance is essential for a variety of products. Colour measurement as part of quality assurance is now …

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Handheld spectrophotometer xs1 for colour measurement, Farbtoleranzen festlegen

Working with the Spectrophotometer

The quality of the color control methods and the reproducibility of the measurement values does not … 

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Spektralphotometer sph900

Find out more about our products and how to work with the ColorLite Spectralphotometers.

  • How do I measure the color of foils?
  • How do I measure the color of liquids?
  • How do I measure the color of powder?
  • How do I measure the color of granules?
  • Working with the MA38 Adapter
  • How do I measure the color of solids?
  • How do I measure the color of small components?
  • Calibration of the Spektralphotometer sph900
  • Working with the MA35 Adapter
  • ColorCube laboratory spectrophotometer
  • Spectral-Densitometer sd350

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Service & Support

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Find out more about our Services and Support offer.

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ColorLite – Your partner for innovative solutions and first-class service

ColorLite is a German manufacturer of high-quality colour measuring instruments. We offer the best customized measuring solutions for your application. To ensure this, we focus strongly on our customer service. You will have a personal contact person for expert advice, training and support. We are only satisfied when you are.
Our innovative product range is constantly expanding. In addition to various hand-held spectrophotometers and benchtop-measuring instruments, we also offer customized inline measuring systems for direct colour measurement in production.
Our wide range of spectrophotometers is complemented by the sd350 densitometer for density measurement. The in-house development and production in Elverhausen/ Germany has proven itself.

That’s what we stand for: Innovation, Quality, Service.

The ColorLite team is waiting for you.

Portable Spectrophotometer

Industrial/Online Colour Measurement

Stationary Spectrophotometer