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Well advised from the beginning!

An important point in the quality assurance is the assessment of colour consistency. For an objective review of colour consistency, the human eye is often no longer sufficient.

Before investing in a colour measurement instrument, many questions arise.

Which system is the right one for my application, which measurement geometry is necessary and are the measured values ​​comparable to suppliers and / or customers?

To answer these, and other questions, please contact us or our distribution partners worldwide.

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Frequently asked questions:


Which measuring geometry and which device is the right one for me?


What reporting and presentation options are there?


What effect does gloss have on the sample colour?


How do I use the spectrophotometer in the quality management system?


Is communication with my suppliers and customers ensured?


Does the device meet the required standards?


How do I set limits and set standards?


Is device adaptation necessary to achieve consistent measurements?


And many more …

As a competent partner, the ColorLite team is at your side for this complex topic.