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Stationary Spectrophotometer

ColorLite ColorCube

The simplest solution for the laboratory – with single button operation



  • Different geometries available: d/8°, d/0° and 45°/0°
  • Solid aluminium housing with high quality hard anodised coating
  • Fast and accurate measurement in 0.5 seconds
  • Visual pass/ fail display via colour backlighting
  • High powered LED-light source with an optimal life span


The ColorCube benchtop spectrophotometer – minimalistic and functional design – works easy and looks good.

Made from only the highest quality materials: solid aluminium housing, stainless steel trimming, illuminated safety glass cover and combining this with state of the art metrology technology.

Using high performance LED’s, with a life span of over 20 years and a grating spectrometer we can ensure perfect stability over its life time.

The ColorCube series can be connected easily via Bluetooth or USB cable with any Windows PC or tablet, together with the comprehensive quality assurance software offers your company the perfect solution for your laboratory.

The ColorCube series is available in different versions, with different scanning areas from 2 mm (d/8° geometry) to 80 mm (d/0° geometry) for a wide range of applications.

You can not only measure colour data with the ColorCube quickly and accurately, but also manage the data using our QS-software ColorDaTra to review, compare values and create professional reports in all common colour scales.


The delivery includes

  • Certified white standard PTB (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung)
  • Black reference standard
  • Metal or glass cuvette with light proof caps for nonsolid samples
  • PC software ColorDaTra Professional licence with free updates  
  • USB interface cable
  • Printed and CD user manual


Laboratory-Spectrophotometer ColorCube -->sph45
scan area 20 mm
scan area 38 mm
scan area 80 mm
sph d/8
scan area 3,6 or 10 mm
Measurement Geometry45°/0° Circular illumination at 45°, Measurement at 0° - according to DIN 5033X
Diffuse illumination d/0°,
Measurement at 0°
Diffuse illumination d/8° - according to DIN 5033X
IlluminantsD65, D55, D50, A, C, F11XXXX
Standard Observer2° and 10°XXXX
Colour Scales XYZ, Yxy, ΔE CIE L*a*b*, L*u*v*, L*C*h, Hunter Lab
Remission Spectrum with cursor displaying wavelength and % CIE-L*a*b* Diagram incl. tolerance limits
Quality Control
Tolerance Limits and Colour Differences

ΔE CIELab; ΔL, Δa, Δb; ΔL, Δu, Δv; ΔL, ΔC, Δh;
Min/Max, PASS/FAIL, ΔECMC (1:1 und 1:2), CIE ΔE94,
ΔE2000, dynamic index
Metameric-Index for D65/A and D65/F11 according to DIN 6172
Other ValuesContrast: LRV (Light Reflectance Value) according to BS 8493:2008,
Various White-Index values
Various Yellowness-Index values

Spectral Range/ Wavelength400 nm to 700 nmXXXX
Spectral ResolutionHolografic grating-Spectrometer
FWHM @500 nm < 10 nm
Scanning in 3,5 nm intervals
Resolution: 115 x 16-Bit per scan
Repeatability< 0,03 ΔE CIELabXXXX
150 mm x 230 mm x 230 mm
(H x L x W); 6,3 Kg
Light SourceWhite and blue LED´s
Life span > 20 years
Power Supply USB 2.0XXXX

45/0° probe head – like the eye see´s it

The 45°/0° measuring geometry is standardised in DIN standard 5033. The sample is illuminated at an angle of 45° with a direct light source and the reflected light is measured at 0°. The measurements of this measurement geometry come closest to the vis…

d/8° probe head – the sphere geometry

The standardized d/8° measuring geometry is described in the DIN 5033. The probe is illuminated with a diffuse light source and measured at an angle of 8°. The diffuse light is generated in a so called integrating sphere. The gloss of the surface is me…

d/0° probe head – measuring inhomogeneous samples

The d/0° measuring heads ( and -adapters) MA38 and MA80 illuminate the sample with a diffuse LED light source on an area of 38 mm or an 80 mm respectively. These versions are used to measure inhomogeneous samples such as granules, food, wood paints or…

ActiveX – Communication tool

A list of commands in an ActiveX DLL library enables you to communicate with the spectrophotometer from your software.

ColorDaTra Professional

The ColorDaTra-database program is a very easy to use tool to review analyse protocol your colours   Basic function: Archiving of reference colours as standard Visualization of production models as CIE L * a * b * absolute and relative values and…

Reflector for measurement of liquids

Built-in white ceramic for reflection the light

Cuvette for probe head adapter MA80

Special model Cylindrical cuvette Material: Polyoxymethylen (POM) Glass bottom made from optical not reflecting material

Stainless steel cuvette for probe head (-adapter) MA38

Suitable for MA38-Set for measurement of inhomogeneous sample With replaceable anti-reflective glass bottom Height 35 mm Diameter: 50mm Diameter glass surface: 40 mm

Cuvette large for reflection measurements for probe head (-adapter) MA38

Cylindrical made of optical glass Dimensions: 30 x 50 mm (h x d)

Cuvette for optical measurements

Cylindrical made of optical glass Dimensions: 25 x 34 mm (h x d)

Working standard large

For a variety of probe heads, for protecting the included PTB-white standard (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)

The perfect light source – LED’s

“The light source of the future” LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) ensure an excellent long- and short-term stability of results and low maintenance costs. The pulse mode ensures that brightness levels stay high for a guaranteed 20 years.

Warning messages

Variable standard deviation threshold 0.01 to 2 for multiple scans Variable time dependent calibration warning 1h to 24h Variable temperature dependent calibration warning 0 to 9 When the difference between the standard and the sample is too high When…

Alternative devices

ColorLite ColorTube