ColorLite sph ipm

Industrial colour measurement technology

ColorLite sph ipm

Non-contact and contact spectral online colour measurement in real time


  • Easy operation via the 7 “touch display
  • Solid aluminum housing, IP65 dust and water protected
  • External probe head or integrated in the sph ipm spectrophotometer
  • Interfaces are adapted according to customer requirements
  • Easy communication with the process control system

The ColorLite team promises:

„We offer the best full service package with competent advice, installation, remote service, employee training, maintenance package and first class aftersales support! “

Spektralphotometer sph ipm zur Inline Farbmessung

Spectrophotometer sph ipm with dipstick sensor

for colour measurement of opaque and transparent liquids, as well as powdery samples

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Spectrophotometer sph ipm with MA80 probe head

for colour measurement of bulk materials such as plastic granulate, pellets, etc.


With the sph ipm spectrophotometer, you opt for a continuous monitoring process and thus reduce high reject costs. Colour deviations are recognized and reported immediately.

Measurements can be taken without delay. Due to the high-precision spectral colour measurement in the process, the complex laboratroy analyzes can be dispensed.

The sph ipm spectrophotometer is equipped with a modern 7 “touchscreen and color display and enables simple operation through a logical menu navigation. The display allows the display of measured values, curves with progress, as well as status and alarm notifications to review and compare your products. 

The sph ipm offers all options for simple system integration using various interfaces. You can extend the one-year warranty by signing a full ColorLite maintenance contract. Minimize downtimes and ensure a smooth production process.



  • Reflection measurement of coated surfaces, metal sheets, floor coverings, plastics, bulk materials, building materials, textiles, paper, food
  • Transmission measurement with additional light source from foils, glass, plexiglass
  • Further applications on request – we would be happy to advise you!

Measurement Geometry45°/0°; d/8°; 20°/0°; d/0° - Measurement area of 2 mm to 80 mm
IlluminantsD65, D55, A, C, F11
Standard Observer2° and 10°
Colour Scales XYZ, Yxy, ΔE CIE L*a*b*, L*u*v*
Quality Control
Tolerance Limits and Colour Differences
ΔE CIELab; ΔL, Δa, Δb; ΔL, Δu, Δv; ΔL, ΔC, Δh,
ΔECMC (1:1 und 1:2), CIE ΔE94, ΔE2000
Spectral Range/ Wavelength400 nm to 700 nm
Spectral ResolutionHolografic grating-Spectrometer
FWHM @500 nm < 10 nm
Scanning in 3,5 nm intervals
Resolution: 115 x 16-Bit per scan

Memory FRAM, Memory of 1000 standard colours und 200 standards
Repeatability< 0,05 ΔE CIELab (measurement on a white surface)
Light SourceWhite and blue LED´s
Life span > 20 years
Power Supply24 VDC
Ambient temperature
15 °C to 55 °C
Relative humiditymax. 85% not-condensing
PC-Interfaces Serially USB, RS232 (isolated)
Optional: CAN, Ethernet, PROFIBUS, PROFINET (all isolated)
Digital input-/ and output 4/4-Kanal digital I/O for status of process control system
4 isolated input 0-30V
4 isolated output 0-30V, Power current load 0,7A / channel
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