sph9i - Spectrophotometer for industrial applications

High resolution spectral colour measurement for industrial applications

The industrial Spectrophotometer system from ColorLite includes modern micro-system components, long-lasting LED light source, real optical grating and flexible optical fiber connections. The system is suited for continues 100% quality control of colours in the areas of plastic sheets, textiles, paper etc. The device and software can be adapted to fit the product or customer specific needs. The external probe head is connected to the main unit over an optical fiber, which can be several meters in length. This enables a scanning direct in the production line in difficult vicinities.


  • Ideal for OEM Solutions

  • Continual control of production colours for plastics, textiles, paper etc.

  • Product specific adaption to customer needs

  • Non-contact measurement by using probe head MKi3010 or MA38

Item No.: 11015







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  • Optional automatic calibration unit

  • Connection to process control system via PROFIBUS, Ethernet, USB, RS232

  • Visual indicator with red and green LEDs

  • 100% colour control of your production in laboratory precision (< 0,1 DE)   

  • Many alternative probe heads available

  • Connection cable between probe head and main system in customer specific lengths

  • Calibration using a white (BAM certified) ceramic tile

  • Aluminum casing with EMC screening

  • Data transfer via RS232/USB-cable, length customer specific

Probe head geometry

45°/ 0° - circular illumination at 45° measurement at 0° or d / 0° -  according to DIN 5033  

Standard observer

2° (1931) and 10° (1964)


D65, D55, F11, A, C

Colour data

XYZ; Yxy; DE CIE L*a*b*; L*C*h*, L*u*v*; DE CIE94; DE CMC, DL*,Da*,Db*

Spectral range

400 nm to 700 nm


10 nm (internal 3,5 nm)


210 mm x 110 mm x 45 mm


< 0.1 DE (typical 0,04) measured on ideal white surface


FRAM Stores up to 1000 colours and 200 standards


Supplied with white standard certified by the BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung) 

Supply voltage 

9 -36 VDC

Ambient temperature 

15 to 55° C


max. 85%, non-condensing


serial communication from:

*USB, isolated

*RS232, isolated

*CAN, isolated

Digital input/output:

4/4-channel digital I/O for reading and writing status, 

feedback for industrial control systems and switchboards

4 isolated inputs 0-30V

4 isolated outputs 0-30V, current load 0.7A/channel