ColorLite sph860

The Spectrophotometer ColorLite sph860 is a colour measuring instrument suitable for a wide range of applications. By using newest micro systems components the development of a device that is compact, easy to use, with an ideal price performance relationship was possible.
The probe head is, in comparison to other systems on the market where the probe head is integrated into the device, connected via a flexible cable with the base unit. Hereby greatly improving the handling of the device.
The small diameter of the measuring spot (3.5 mm) also enables small and curved probes, such as cables and pens, to be scanned.

  • Measurement and registration of colours of incoming and outgoing goods for QM-systems according to DIN EN ISO 9000
  • Objective quality control of colours within the production line
  • Control of colour difference to a given standard

Delivery includes:
  • White standard with certificate from “Bundesanstalt f. Materialforschung”
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Battery charger (110-240V, 50/60 Hz) with cradle
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB cable
  • Aluminium transport case with foam padding

Article-Nr.: 11241


Brochure sph900 and sph860

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Flyer sph860:


Manual sph860/900:


Manual accessories:


  • Flexible external probe head and a small spot size (3.5 mm Ø) for the reliable scans on curved surfaces and small samples without the need for utilities
  • Real grating spectrometer with a sampling distance of 3.5 nm (equals 85 x 16-bit values per scan!)
  • Robust and durable light source – low maintenance and high reliability
  • Sprung probe head with automatic trigger, ideal for measuring soft samples such as leather and textiles
  • Simply exchangeable clip-on rechargeable battery guarantees a continuous operation
  • Non-volatile memory elements with the capacity of saving up to 1000 colour values, 300 colours with remission spectrum and 1000 colour standards
  • Very easy 4-button operation and graphics display
  • Very good long-time repeatability
  • Real time clock provides time and date stamp for every sample
  • Starting aid with interactive “Flash” operating manual and tutorial “Colour Basics”
Measurement Geometry
45°/0° - or d/8° for UK Versionen - according to DIN 5033
Optional 45°/0° AND d/8° with MA35-UK Adapter (Scanning area - 3 mm or 6 mm)
Illuminants D65, D55, D50, A, C, F11
Standard Observer
2° and 10° 
Colour Scales
XYZ, Yxy, ?E CIE L*a*b*,
L* u* v*,  L*C*h, Hunter Lab
Quality Control Tolerance Limits and Colour Differences
?E CIELab; ?L, ?a, ?b;
?L, ?u, ?v; ?L, ?C, ?h;
Spectral Light Source Measurement
Spectra and chromaticity measurement of light sources such as LED's - Optional
Displayed Spectral Range 400 nm to 700 nm
Spectral Resolution
Holografic grating-Spectrometer
HWB*** @ 500 nm < 10 nm
Scanning in 3,5 nm steps
115 x 16-Bit values per scan
High resolution O-LED colour display:
High contrast and low-power
1/4-VGA, 320 x 240 Pixel
< 0,05 ?E CIELab
Light Source
white and blue LED's
Lifespan > 20 years
Scanning Time
Complete measurement cycle with calculation and readout time: 0.5 sec
Multiple Scanning
Mean calculation of 1 to 20 individual measurements with colour values and standard deviation statistics displayed
Power Supply
Rechargable battery NiMH 6-Volt /1100 mAh
Operating time > 15 hours
Charging time 1.5 hours
Optional - operation with power supply
Automatic Accessory Recognition
An accessory is detected and device settings automatically modfied accordingly
With white standard certified by the Federal Institute for Materials Research (Bundesanstalt for Materialforschung -BAM), Optional - 2-stage calibration with working standard
Limited user rights - Password protected
Upload Standards from PC Yes
Memory Memory for 1000 standard colours
Memory for 1000 colour values
Memory for 300 spektra (400-700nm / 3.5nm)
Standard Colour Management Standards loaded by list with Best-Match tool
Standards loaded by index-no.
Standards loaded by entering name
PC-Interface USB 2.0
Bluetooth© - Optional
RS232 - Optional
Accessories For the measurement of inhomogeneous samples, transparent, translucent and opaque liquids, powders in cuvettes or tablet form.
Holder/stand with power supply:110-240V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions Device with battery: 180mm x 82mm x 40mm - 370g
Probe head 45°/0°: 60mm x 25mm Ø - 170g
Probe head d/0°: 78 mm x 56 mm Ø - 250g
Climatic Conditions Ambient temperature: 15°C to 45°C
Relative humidity: max. 85% non-condensing

Probe Head with V-Block
  • for positioning on cylindrical samples such as cables
  • size individually adapted according to application

Article-Nr.: 13301

Probe head with small apperture

  • for measuring small samples like tablets, plastic parts etc.

Article-Nr.: 11042

IP62 - Probe head with dust- and waterproof protection window

  • protection window made of optical borosilicate glass BK7, coated
  • for measuring in rough and dusty environments
  • according to protection class IP62

Article-Nr.: 11043

IP67 - dust and waterproof stainless steel probe head
  • stainless steel
  • diameter 25 mm, length 65 mm, not sprung
  • used for measuring in wet environments
  • according to protection rating IP67

Article-Nr.: 11046

IP65 - dust and waterproof probe head according to protection class IP65
  • for the measurement of probes directly after the anodization
  • made of POM (Polyoxymethylene), not sprung

Article-Nr.: 11145

Probe head with 9 mm measuring spot
  • for the measurement of strongly structured surfaces
  • sprung probe head

Article-Nr.: 11711

IP65 - dust and waterproof probe head with 9mm
  • measuring area 9 mm
  • the measurement of samples directly after the anodization

Article-Nr.: 11712

Probe head with optional UV-excitation
  • UV-excitation selectable during the measurement
  • for surfaces with UV-whitner such as in the paper industry

Article-Nr.: 11144