Components (Automotive parts) are usually bought from all over the world from different suppliers. The parts are placed directly next to each other and the colour must match 100%.
Problems with the colour are detected late in process and that causes time and money.

To solve this kind of problem ColorLite is offering spectrophotometers like the sph xs1 or RG2 with worldwide data cloud communication function.
The systems have implemented WLAN functions. Therefor you can communicate and save your measurement data all over the world.
Action can be taken immediately, if necessary, before further parts are produced.

The login data for every spectrophotometer and its software is being installed locally on a PC.
The identification is given individually thru an internal hardware number (no Serial number) which is saved on the device. The registration only has to be done once.

That is works best possible inter agreement of the devices is necessary and training of all users.